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Torah – Strengthening Kedusha

Network of Kollelim & Shiurim

  • Kollel Dirshu
    Study of an Amud with integrated review builds Torah growth
  • Kollel Kinyan Torah
    Numerous shiurim on a variety of topics; chavrusos coordinated
  • Merkaz Daf Yomi
    Daf Yomi taught by Talmidei Chachomim three times daily
  • Amud Yomi
    Analysis of central issues in daily amud
  • Chicago Morning Kollel-Mateh Aron
    Gemara, Tanach, & Halacha for those with flexible schedules

Junior Programs

  • Yeshivas HaMasmidim Zichron Mordechai Leib
    Boys study & review 5 evenings a week, under guidance of mechanech
  • Yeshivas Mordechai HaTzadik
    Fathers & sons learn on Purim
  • Father & Son Learning
    Bonding to the Torah & to each other, spring & summer Shabbosim, in 14 locations

Special Shiurim

  • Weinschneider Torah Series
    Rav Reisman & Rav Frand share powerful weekly lessons
  • Simcha Davis Legal Holiday
    Renowned national lecturers shine insights into contemporary issues
  • Chol HaMoed Shiurim
    Roshei Yeshivos analyze Inyanei HaChag on Chol HaMoed
  • Women ’s Shabbos Shiurim
    By women, for women, in different neighborhoods, over the summer

Portable Torah

  • Torah Database
    Four Torah search engines provide access to over 30,000 seforim
  • Kol HaLoshon Kiosk
    Thousands of shiurim updated daily, for quick download

International Torah