The Chicago Center for Torah & Chesed
Chicago Center for Torah & Chesed- Services- Chesed

Chesed - Helping Those In Need

Urgent Needs

  • Hachnosas Orchim Housing
    Deluxe accommodations provide comfort & privacy
  • Tomchei Shabbos
    Delicious Shabbos Seudos for struggling families
  • Helping Hands
    Cleaning relief for new parents & families with medical challenges
  • Chesed E-Chain
    Database of volunteers respond to urgent medical-related needs
  • Chaverim
    Roadside assistance for disabled vehicles
  • Shiva Minyan Sign-Up
    Facilitating online volunteering, easing concerns of aveilim

Social Services

  • Tuesdays with Rifkie
    Socialization, education & recreation for senior women
  • Dollars With Sense
    Education & personal guidance to manage money
  • Lev Chasuna
    Subsidized weddings for children of educators & Rabbonim
  • Tomchei Torah
    Stipends for families dedicated to the study & teaching of Torah
  • Yad L’Yad Freebay & Services
    Marketplace of Achdus Bulletin publicizes free merchandise & chesed needs